Angela Hook is the Chief Executive Officer for Forever Evolving Women’s Empowerment Services, LLC. She believes whole heartily in Restoring and Rebuilding relationships between women by providing cutting edge and relevant information for all women. Angela’s transparency and down to earth approach is contagious and draws women from all walks of life. Angela’s 30 years of personal and professional experience includes overseeing and conducting workshops, conferences, seminars, and global speaking engagements, as well as serving women in the capacity of mentorship, coaching, consulting and teaching. Angela is an Author, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host and Inspirational Speaker. She is currently employed at Lansing Community College as an Academic Success Coach.

Angela most fulfilling accomplishment is being a wife, mother and grandmother, and she has made family her focal point. She has a strong educational background which consists of an Associate Degree with a concentration in Substance Abuse, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Management, and a Master of Arts Degree in Human Services counseling with a specialization in Executive Leadership. Among her many other accomplishments, Angela has obtained certificates in Tools for Handling Crisis Situations, Intimate Partner Violence, Helping Your Client Succeed, Substance Abuse Across Lifespans, Pacesetting Leadership, Entrepreneurship for Business Owners and Strengthening Programs and Bridging Gaps. She has made it her purpose to assist women who are in need of progressing from one stage of life to the next. Angela strongly believes in cultivating and restoring healthy relationships with girls and women.

What we do

  • One on One Life Coaching- We are committed to providing coaching and advice concerning the development of healthy mother/daughter relationships, effective networking and collaboration, and keys to maintaining healthy relationships. Book Appointments here
  • Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences- We specialize in small and large groups that are tailored to fit the needs of all women by providing subjects in the areas of The Heart of True Sisterhood conference/workshop, mother/daughter conference, Power in Our Unity, Bridging Gaps Between Women, Operation Girl Power workshop, Keys to Effective Relationship Building, and Keys to Effective Communication.
  • Motivational Speakers- We provide professional, educational, and spiritual speakers that are compassionate, down to earth and effective trend setters that specializes in rebuilding and restoring relationships with women.
  • Power Talk Live Talk Show- Power Talk Live addresses real life issues that women face daily. We are committed to providing help and resources to assist women in areas such as effective relationship building, effective communication skills, effective listening skills and effective conflict resolution. Please join us on every Thursday at 6:30 pm and Every 4th Saturday at 12:30 pm. Go to our Facebook page.

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