About The Founder:

Angela Hook is an Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker. She is the creator of Forever Evolving Women’s Empowerment Services, LLC. As a result of her many workshops, conferences, and speaking engagements she has impacted the lives of many women globally by empowering them with tools and resources helping them to grow and develop as they embark upon their life purpose.

Amongst her many other achievements she has gained an Associate Degree with a concentration in Substance Abuse, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Management, and a Master of Arts Degree in Human Services counselling with a specialization in Executive Leadership.

Angela is a wife, mother and grandmother and her family is the focal point of her life, and she has made it her purpose to assist women in need of progressing from one stage of life to the next. Angela strongly believes in cultivating and restoring healthy relationships with girls and women.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style”
-Maya Angelou

About Us:

Forever Evolving Women’s Empowerment Services, LLC was founded in January 5, 2009 for the sole purpose of empowering women and bringing women back into wholeness. We understand that personal growth is not a destination but a lifelong journey and we are committed to stand beside those we serve.

At Forever Evolving Women’s Empowerment Services we are dedicated to the mission of equipping women with various educational tools and resources designed to empower the renaissance women of tomorrow!

As each of us embarks on our personal journey, it is our mission to reach out to women of various backgrounds, experiences and socioeconomic status. If you are looking for a network of dynamic women motivated to grow personally, professionally and spiritually Forever Evolving is just for you.

Within our network you will have an opportunity to take advantage of our many seminars, workshops, conferences and radio broadcast shared across the country. We share in the delight of our listeners and members who speak of the impacts our organization has had on shaping them from the inside out. We look forward to growing a community dedicated to the work of bridging the gap between women and creating connections!


One on One Life Coaching - We are committed to providing help and resources to assist teen girls and women in becoming a viable, impactful force in their community by building their assets and bridging the gap of areas in their lives which they believe need to be strengthened.

Empowerment Sessions - We specialize in small and large groups that are tailored to fit the need of any organization, church, or business by providing 4 to 6 week empowerment sessions in the areas of relationship building, skill building, and personal development.

Empowerment Workshops and Conferences - Our workshops and conferences are tailored to fit the needs of teen girls and women to help build strength and character that will enhance their skills in their home, church, work, and community.

Motivational Speakers - We provide professional, educational, and spiritual speakers that are compassionate, down to earth and effective trend setters that specializes in girls and women needs.

Sisterhood In Business Network - To provide networking opportunities, education and support for women entrepreneurs and business owners.


Forever Evolving Women's Empowerment Services.

Bridging the gap between women by exploring
"The Heart of True Sisterhood".