Forever Evolving Scholarship Fund

Forever Evolving Scholarship:

Forever Evolving wishes to establish this scholarship for the purpose of providing financial assistance for Lansing Community College students in the Human Services program. Forever Evolving wishes to help students that may have had several setbacks throughout their life, presenting barriers to educational and financial success. The goal is to help remove financial barriers for students that might not otherwise be able to afford to pursue a certificate or Associate degree. Forever Evolving scholarship prefers to help students that demonstrate hard work and persistence by utilizing the tools and resources that have been established by the college to promote the academic success of students.

Criteria for Students :

1. Recipients shall be residents of the Lansing Community College district or service area.

2. Recipients shall be enrolled in LCC’s Human Services Program as a full-time student.

3. Recipients shall demonstrate financial need as determined by the information provided on the scholarship application.     

4. Recipients shall have and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.

5. Scholarship awards shall be for tuition, fees and educational expenses.