Out of the Shadow


Out of the Shadows was written based on my life’s experiences from a place of darkness, despair, obscurity, pain, and the wreckage that I had to endure before finding my way back to an ultimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I will share with you how my pain infiltrated my children’s lives, impacting them in different ways, but it was the same pain. My daughter will reveal her story from The Eyes of a Child during the time she was faced with anger, bewilderment, and fear during the course of my many mistakes, tragedies, and how the grace of God brought us through. Have you ever been in a situation in your life and it appeared so bleak, dark, and dim that you had no idea how you were going to get out? Or, even know who you could turn to at the time when you were experiencing so much agony and pain in your life? The feelings of fear can be paralyzing especially as a small girl not understanding the detriments that are going on around her. Fear of abandonment, Fear of death, Fear of life, and Fear of rejection! Yes just full of nothing but Fear!


Out of the shadows, My life’s journey from tragedy to triumph



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